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HOMIM analyses have been determined for clinical samples from many human oral sites, including supragingival and subgingival plaque, palate, buccal mucosa, vestibule, tongue surfaces, throat, endodontic lesions, and saliva. Lung lavage, lining of the esophagus, and vaginal samples as well as samples from the simian oral cavity have also been assayed. In some cases, DNA from archived, frozen samples (e.g., saliva) has been isolated and subsequently analyzed using HOMIM.

Sensitivity is about 0.1% and the overall limit of detection is about 104 cells.


1. Subgingival plaque. HOMIM of a healthy site (A) from a periodontally healthy subject and a diseased site (B) from a periodontitis subject. Differences in microbial profiles are readily apparent. Note that the profile from the diseased site (B) is far more diverse than the healthy site (A).

Subgingival Plaque 1

Subgingival Plaque 2

2. Subgingival plaque in a single mouth. Microbial profiles of subgingival plaque from the same site taken at different times (A & B) are similar. Microbial profile from an adjacent site (C) has some variation as noted by highlighted (boxes) spots.Subgingival Plaque 3